At AV Genius, we are experts of Audio and Video technology.
If you have a message to convey to your audience at your church, school, or organization – we can help make that happen.

AV System Evaluation and Site Consulting.
Find out how your AV systems are functioning, or how your facility could be enhanced by AV systems.
Sound system not sounding too good? Do you need new projectors, TV’s and ProPresenter? Want to try Streaming your services, but don’t where to start?
We can help!

System Design.
Building a new facility? Remodeling the old one?
We excel at creating High-performance, High-value Audio, Video, and Lighting systems – perfectly tailored to your Church, your needs, your Budget, or even your dreams!

We can put that system in your facility with expert technicians.
We have worked with churches and corporations around the country, and we will work with you every step of the way – from drawing ideas on paper, to the first day using the new systems.

Commissioning and Training.
We are experts at setting up your AVL system, and tuning Audio systems in particular.
But we’re especially interested and experienced in training your staff to get the very most out of the systems we implement.

We can custom tailor training for your entire team – at your Church, on your equipment, including rehearsals and Sundays – with exciting, one, two, or three day sessions.

Contact us now, and we can start with an on-site evaluation.


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