The Genius

We created originally AVGenius.com to train and certify the Worship and Tech teams at your church in Live Sound, Performance, and other live event technologies, online, 24 hours a day.

That lead to Consulting, Designing, and implementing complex, state of the art systems around the country.



• We focus on the issues and problems in Churches and Houses of Worship, because there we found the greatest need, and audience. But these principles and techniques also apply to any live show or media presentation. We also teach and address issues at both ends of the room – the Techies at the back, and the musicians on the stage.

• Typical training programs almost invariably focus their training on the the functions of a mixer, and other technical details. To us, this is like teaching a class on building fine furniture, by spending all of your time focusing on the functions of a saw. That only teaches you how to operate a saw, not how to build fine furniture !

While AV Genius does have plenty of technical details, the focus is on understanding the reasons why you do things (so you’re not just trying to remember a list of things to do), and on training your whole team with the proper perspective. We also train Techs and theWorship team, on what equipment you need, what it does, and how to use it to get the job done.


In our seminars, we have had many 25 year veterans tell us they came expecting not to learn anything, but were amazed at what they learned !

AV Genius is culmination of 30 years of trial and (lots! of) error, 20 years of playing in “the band”, 15 years of pro audio and video experience, 8 years of teaching thousands of techs and Worship teams in hundreds of churches, and 4 years of writing, filming, and editing videos.